3 great places to visit in San Antonio

San Antonio’s a pretty big place – you better know exactly where you’re going or you risk getting lost somewhere dark and scary… Okay, maybe not, but it still pays to know the top spots if you’re visiting the area. Due to the city’s size, your trip there will probably have to be on-point if you aim to cover as many worthwhile sites are possible – here are 3 great places you shouldn’t miss out on.


The River Walk: So simple, and yet such an amazing site. The Walk got its name thanks to the layers of strategically-placed concrete along the river, seemingly made for casual strolling – it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s one of the most beautiful sights in the area, especially during the night. Combined with various establishments that add to the visual appeal, a walk on any part of the ever-expanding pathway is sure to leave you in a dreamy state. Just don’t go out into the water, though, as it’s not particularly clean and makes for a bad swimming location. Anything else goes – you can even hitch a ride on one of the tour boats and experience the river from a different perspective.

Alamo: Who hasn’t heard of Alamo, eh? The site is about as historical as any other in the U.S. The structure is a perfect combination of religion and military, faith and force – it hosted the famous Wild West duke-out called Battle of the Alamo. While the location was home to a brutal conflict, its original purpose was to inspire people, and it shows in the marvelous exterior and interior, both preserved very well through present day. A visit to this place instantly justifies itself by giving you bragging rights, but once there, you’ll get to enjoy yourself by exploring a historic building inside and out. If you can leave Alamo without feeling as if you should be carrying a single-action revolver, you probably weren’t all that into Western movies to begin with.

Mission Tour: Like Alamo and want more, or simply have a fondness for religious locations? Make sure to take the Mission Tour while in San Antonio, then. Many don’t know that the Alamo fort is actually a ‘mission’ – one of five religious buildings of the same type in the area, although the most famous one by far. The Tour explores all of them in great detail – you’ll learn what it was like to worship God with a pistol strapped to your belt or a rifle at your back. The entire place was actually established as a national park some decades ago, so it has all the perks of one – the visitor’s center has a gift shop with all the souvenirs you could need, and there’s also a mini theater playing related footage for the truly interested. It could be said that Texas’ history rests upon this site – while there are quite a few notable locations throughout the Lone Star State, Alamo and its neighbor missions are a gem. No matter how religious or fond of history you are or aren’t, a full tour is always worth taking.