Great things to do in Boerne, Texas

Compared to some other Texan cities, Boerne is quite small and nowhere near as famous, yet it’s managed to remain a popular tourist destination over the years in the face of tough competition. How? Being chock-full of amazing places to visit and things to do certainly helps. Here are some of them.

  • Hang out with ducks at the River Road Park: “Quack, quack” must mean “Feed us!” in duck language, because the ducks at this park are very hungry and generally have an attitude to them. If you find that enjoyable, a visit to the River Road Park will be a memorable experience – aside from its feathered residents, the park also boasts amazing natural scenery that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Explore the Cave without a Name: A funky name and a far-out location keep the Cave out of the limelight (being 100 feet underground has something to do with it, too). If you can locate it it, you’ll soon find yourself in disbelief over nature being able to create such amazing shapes all on its own. Despite the cave’s popularity, the regular tours are fairly small and you won’t have to bump into a lot of people as you explore the Cave’s mysterious depths. It only gets real crowded during the concerts – apparently, the cave provides an amazing acoustic effect, leading to quite a few music performers choosing it as a venue.
  • Partake in one of the horseback riding tours: These tours are held throughout Boerne and you should have no trouble finding one in your vicinity. They’re fairly tame and are perfect for beginners and even those who have never climbed on top of a horse before. For others, though, they might not be as appealing – cowboys didn’t have to wear helmets, did they? Still, the social aspect should be nice for everyone regardless of riding skill, and the tours frequently go through some nice and relaxing natural locations.
  • Taste the pickles at Fickle Pickles Antiques and Pickles: Come on, why shouldn’t there be a store dedicated to pickles? Apparently, the ones offered here for sampling and purchase taste better than anything you’ll find in a jar from your local grocery store. When it’s not acting as a pickle-tasting destination, the place doubles-up as an antiques store run by a nice lady. It’s definitely going to be a visit you’ll remember regardless of how fond you are of the food.
  • Shop at the Antique Mall: Did they have malls in antiquity? Apparently, as this place boasts 10,000 square feet of shopping frenzy. As you may imagine, the main thing to buy here are antique items, and there’s no shortage of them to grab as a souvenir. If you don’t know a thing about objects with a history, the clerks will be happy to shed some light on them and help you part with your hard-earned money. There are quite a few newer items to buy, too, and the place is beautiful and extremely well-kept, making it a great visit for those looking to have a break from some of Boerne’s more active destinations.